60 Day Challenge

Annual T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge!
Challenge Dates are Friday, February 1st, 2019 through Sunday, April 7th, 2019.

T-Tapp Retreat

August 1st through 4th, 2019

Winners from each category will earn an exclusive spot at our annual T-Tapp retreat at the Safety Harbor Spa. Sign up to attend the retreat here.

What is T-Tapp?

More Than a Workout, T-Tapp is a sequence of Mindful Movements that help you lose inches!

What is T-Tapp

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What is the 60-Day T-Tapp Fitness Challenge?

The 60-Day Challenge is a time for you! It is not just about losing inches, although that is one of the awesome benefits. The 60-Day Challenge is about doing your best, even when you don’t want to. We guarantee that in 60 days, if you stick with it, you will feel different in body, mind and spirit. You’ll be improving your bone density, heart health and assimilation/elimination systems as you create a new habit of health.
The goal of the 60-Day Challenge is to stay active daily, even if you just do a move or two.  Activities include  completion of any T-Tapp Workout DVD, a class with a T-Tapp Trainer or even just random T-Tapp movements throughout the day.
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The 2019 60-Day T-Tapp Fitness Challenge runs from Friday, February 1st to Sunday, April 7th


Winners will be chosen from all categories and are determined not only by inch loss, but overall health improvements as well.

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Complete the steps on the right to get started. All steps need to be completed in order for you to qualify as a challenge participant.

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Before you can participate, you must understand and meet the requirements for the challenge. The rules are listed below.

Requirements for The Challenge

  1. Fill out and submit the Challenge Entry Waiver Form directly to T-Tapp by Friday, March 1st.
  2. Choose the Category that you would like to enter.
  3. Take beginning photos and measurements on Friday,February 1st or Saturday, February 2nd.
  4. Submit beginning photos and measurements by Tuesday, February 5th.
  5. Take final photos and measurements on Thursday, April 4th or Saturday, April 6th.
  6. Submit final photos, measurements and essay by Tuesday, April 9th.

You may only enter one category for this challenge. Please make sure of your choice before entering.

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Challenge Dates are Friday, February 1st 2019 – Sunday, April 7th 2019.

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Take a Look at 2017 60 Day Challenge Winners!

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Foundation of Fitness Starts with Your Feet

Weight in heels along with outside of foot creates greater activation of ankle and support for knees.

What is T-Tapp?

The combination of full fiber muscle & fascia activation with leverage isometrics done in a special sequence to maximize neuro-kinetic & lymphatic function.

Brain Body Fitness

All workouts simultaneously activate left & right brain during movement to improve kinetic awareness & coordination, as well as mood & energy.

More than a Workout

T-Tapp muscle activation can be applied to every move you make. In addition to counting steps, why not fit in fitness every time you sit down, get up or stand in line?

Inch Loss Matters More

In the fashion industry no one cares what models weigh. It’s all about inches & how clothes fit. Who cares what the scale says when your body looks good, feels better & functions well.

The Workout That Works

The same workout that helps one person lose 100 lbs can help a thin person build more muscle & increase curves.
Yes You Can with T-Tapp!

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