Can I mix and match T-Tapp Workouts throughout the duration of the challenge? 
Yes, you can use whichever workout(s) that you want to use and even add in extra specific moves throughout the day and/or challenge as you like.

Can I do extra Hoe Downs during the course of the day?
Yes, you can do as many sets of Hoe Downs as desired.

I play different sports, can I still do them and be entered?
If you are already on a team and have an obligation, then please just note it in your essay.

If I can walk with any category, does that mean that I can use Step Away the Inches, Step it to the Max and/or Leslie Sansone Walking Workout or other commercial workouts with any category? 
You may not use any commercial workout except T-Tapp walking workouts – Step Away the Inches, Posture Power Walk and/or Step it to the Max. You can use a treadmill or walk outside. The purpose of this challenge is to see your results from doing just T-Tapp workouts.

Where is the entry form? I can’t find it.
The actual Challenge Entry Form will only be available for beginning entries from Friday, February 1 – Tuesday, February 5. You must have your entry completed by then in order to be a registered challenge participant. The form will reopen for final submissions from Thursday, April 4 – Tuesday, April 9.

In the meantime, please thoroughly review the rules.

Why can’t I do other exercises during this program?
The T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge is to spotlight results that can be gained using only T-Tapp for the period of the challenge. Sometimes mixing and matching various exercises can actually slow down your results.

Case in Point… a columnist wanted to do a 30-day makeover with T-Tapp and write about it in her syndicated column. She shared with me that she had spent a full year doing Yoga, Pilates, swimming, other classes and basically starving herself and had managed to go from a tight size 8 to a loose size 8. I explained to her that T-Tapp is different and that she would see very fast inch loss results with it but she needed to ONLY do T-Tapp for those 30 days and oh by the way she didn’t need to starve herself either. She argued with me for quite some time and my response was that if she was going to WRITE about her results with T-Tapp in 30 days then it wasn’t fair for her to interfere with the results by utilizing other programs. After a lot of grumbling on her part, she finally agreed to do it that way and stop everything else for 30 days but she wanted to make sure that I understood that she is a “class person” and would be going right back to all of her classes as soon as the 30 days were over. Interestingly enough, after about the first 10 days I got an email from her saying that she couldn’t believe the results that she was already seeing and by the end of the 30 days she had gone from her loose size 8 to a size 4 and she even had desserts! Needless to say she didn’t need to go back to her regular aerobic classes!

Can I use a rebounder, trampoline, rowing machine or any other equipment or exercises during this challenge?
No. The only equipment you can use are treadmills and elliptical machines as both of these are a form of walking.

Should I start the challenge with a T-Tapp bootcamp? How many days in a row would I do a bootcamp for? How many times a week do I need to workout during the 60-Day Challenge?
A T-Tapp bootcamp is typically between 4-14 days in a row. Starting the challenge with a bootcamp is not necessary at all, but if you want to, that is your decision. Deciding how many times to work out during a week during the challenge is a personal decision.

Why do I have to pose with a newspaper in a photo? Can I use a magazine or something printed out online?
You must use a newspaper dated Friday, February 1st or Saturday, February 2nd for beginning photos and Thursday, April 4, Friday, April 5 or Saturday, April 6th for ending photos. If your city does not have a daily newspaper, please check to see if one of your grocery or convenience stores carries USA Today and/or The New York Times. Any local or national newspaper will work. Also you can pull up The New York Times on your tablet or mobile device and take a picture holding that.

If I enter the challenge, do I have to finish it?
While we do understand that life happens and sometimes things can prevent us from finishing what we start, we do want you to do your best to complete the challenge. Even if you haven’t worked out as much as you wanted, you might be surprised with your results!

Who can enter the challenge?
Anyone can enter the challenge

What if there is no way to attend the August T-Tapp Safety Harbor Retreat if I do win?  Are there alternate prizes available?
There are alternate prizes in the form of T-Tapp dollars to use if you are a winner and can’t attend the event. Our hearts are always warmed by the significant others or family members who man the home front while 60-Day Challenge winners attend events. The value of having this time with T-Tapp Trainers and other T-Tappers in person is beyond anything you can imagine, so do your best to attend if you can.

I am not seeing “Success” when I enter my information.  I’m worried that I will miss the deadline. What do I do?
If you are actively trying to get your information entered and having trouble, Jennifer will work with you to make sure that it gets into the form. Please email Jennifer at challenge@t-tapp.com with any questions.