1. Fill out and submit the Challenge Entry Waiver Form directly to T-Tapp by Wednesday March 1.
  2. Choose the Category that you would like to enter.
  3. Take beginning photos and measurements on Wednesday, February 15th.
  4. Submit beginning photos and measurements by Saturday, February 18th.
  5. Take final photos and measurements on Saturday, April 15th.
  6. Submit final photos, measurements and essay by Monday, April 17th.

You may only enter one category for this challenge. Please make sure of your choice before entering.

Please refer to the FAQ Section for questions/answers prior to emailing or


Fill out the 2017 Challenge Entry Waiver Form and send it to T-Tapp by Wednesday, March 1.

Fax: 727-725-3384

Email: (send a scanned copy as attachment)

T-Tapp Inc.
Attn: Challenge Waiver
1450 10th Street South – #B4
Safety Harbor FL 34695

*We must receive your waiver in order for you to qualify to win this challenge.

Done with the waiver? You can sign up now!


One winner per category will be chosen. **


  • Less to Lose – over 50
  • Average to Lose – over 50
  • More to Lose – over 50
  • Health Improvements – over 50
  • Less to Lose – under 50
  • Average to Lose – under 50
  • More to Lose – under 50
  • Health Improvements – under 50
  • T-Tapp and Fascia Blaster – open to entrants of all ages (Any T-Tapp Workout done in conjunction with fascia blasting)



**T-Tapp reserves the right to select more than one winner in any category including Grand Prize.

***Transportation to and from the event is at your own expense.



  1. T-TAPP & FASCIA BLASTER: Any T-Tapp workout done in conjunction with fascia blasting.


  1. LESS TO LOSE: You have 1 size or less to lose.
  2. AVERAGE TO LOSE: You have 2-3 sizes to lose.
  3. MORE TO LOSE: You have 4 or more sizes to lose.
  4. HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS: You have health issues you would like to improve.


  1. LESS TO LOSE: You have 1 size or less to lose.
  2. AVERAGE TO LOSE: You have 2-3 sizes to lose.
  3. MORE TO LOSE: You have 4 or more sizes to lose.
  4. HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS: You have health issues you would like to improve.


Please read all the rules and instructions and enter the information requested in the proper place on the Challenge Entry Form page.

You must enter something in the comments section. If you don’t have any comments, please just type N/A in that section. After entering all your beginning information on the form, press ENTER at the bottom of the page and the submission form will then say “Success” IN RED at the top of the form. If you do NOT get that message once you press enter, then your information did not go through. The most common reason way to fix that is one of the following:

  1. Resize your photos and try again
  2. Refresh your browser and try again
  3. Reboot your computer and try again
  4. Change to a different browser and try again
  5. A combination of two of more of the above

If you have tried everything and your information still won’t upload, please contact Jennifer at

Information needed for Challenge Entry Form will consist of:

Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Country
  • Daytime Phone
  • Evening Phone
  • Cell Phone (if applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Body Type
  • Category Entered


  • Above Bust
  • Bust
  • Below Bust
  • Waist
  • Abs
  • Hips
  • Right Upper Thigh
  • Left Upper Thigh
  • Right Lower Thigh
  • Left Lower Thigh
  • Right Calf
  • Left Calf
  • Right Upper Arm
  • Left Upper Arm

Measurements must be entered in inches and decimal format only.

Measurement Conversion Chart
1/8 = 0.125
1/4 = 0.25
3/8 = 0.375
1/2 = 0.50
5/8 = 0.625
3/4 = 0.75
7/8 = 0.875


Photographs should be uploaded to the site and must follow the Photograph Rules (see instructions below). If they are done incorrectly (bad lighting, horizontal instead of vertical, etc.) you will be asked to retake your photos. Please make sure that all photos – EXCEPT the newspaper photo – are full body – from the top of your head to your toes. Check your photos as soon as you take them so that you know they are correct and retake them if you need to.

You will need to include all of the following 5 photographs:

  1. Newspaper Photo – One photo of you holding a newspaper dated Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 with the newspaper facing forward for the photo. This photo does not need to be full length as long as we can see you and the newspaper in the photo. High resolution photos enable us to zoom in on the date if necessary. Please use a local newspaper. If your town doesn’t have a daily local newspaper, they will likely get USA Today and/or NY Times and either of those can be used instead of a local newspaper. If, for any reason, you do not have access to a newspaper, go to and take a photo where we can see the front page on the website along with your face.
  2. One photo of you FULL LENGTH* FRONT
  3. One photo of you FULL LENGTH* RIGHT SIDE
  4. One photo of you FULL LENGTH* LEFT SIDE
  5. One photo of you FULL LENGTH* BACK

*FULL LENGTH means head-to-toe. We require that photos show a person’s complete body with head and feet included in the photo.  We recommend turning your camera vertically when taking your 30-Day Challenge pictures to ensure that your full body is included in the photo.


Photos and measurements must be taken on the following dates.

Beginning Photos: Wednesday, February 15th.

Final Photos: Saturday, April 15th.

Photos and measurements (and final essay) must be uploaded on the 30-Day Challenge form within 1-2 days of taking them. This means that your information must be completely entered on the form no later than the following dates:

Beginning Photos/Info: Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Final Photos/Info/Essay: Monday, April 17th, 2017

The actual Challenge Entry Form will only be available for beginning entries from Wednesday – Saturday, February 15 – 18, 2017. You must have your entry completed by then in order to be a registered challenge participant. The form will reopen for final submissions from Saturday, April 15, 2017 and stay up until Monday, April 17, 2017.

Take care taking your photos.
Have the person taking your picture take care to frame you within the photo.  Take your photos as close up as possible while still including your entire body head-to-toe. Please check your photos after you take them to make sure that the photos are clear, are not blurry, have plenty of light and have been taken vertically. This way, if there is a problem, you can correct the issue and retake the photos right away on the correct day.  We recommend standing in front of a closed door or clear wall space to take your pictures.

Make sure the photos are upright in the form when you upload them. If the photos are dark, blurry or grainy then we cannot use them and will ask you to retake them. If the photos are not upright when submitted, you will be asked to resubmit them until they are upright.

Stand normally in your photos and not in KLT T-Tapp Stance.
The photos of the winners from the 60-Day Challenge are used for promotional/marketing purposes. Please stand normally in your photos. Do not hold your arms out to the side or stand in KLT T-Tapp Stance for your photos.

Look straight ahead in your photos.
When taking your side and rear photos it is recommended that you look straight ahead.  Looking back over your shoulder in rear or side shots changes the alignment of your body and can misrepresent some areas of concern.

Save a copy of all photos and measurements. 
The form retains your information, but you will not be able to see your starting measurements when you are entering your ending measurements.  Therefore, we recommend you keep a copy of all of your photos and measurements for your own reference.

We recommend wearing form fitting clothing for your before/after photos.
We prefer that you wear fitted workout wear (or swimsuits if you like).  Teresa needs to see your changes over the 60 days. Please submit pictures that show what you are trying to lose, define, firm up, etc.  Choosing the correct clothing allows Teresa to judge you more easily. Being able to see the problem areas and how they have changed from beginning to end gives you a better chance of winning.

We know it is scary to take a photo when you aren’t happy with the way you look, but just use this as inspiration to do your best during the challenge and look forward to seeing the results.  Yes You Can!

Do not wear the same color head to toe with no skin showing. 
Wearing one color head to toe with no skin showing makes it very difficult to see anything, so check your clothing in a mirror to make sure that it shows what you want it to show in terms of where you want to lose.

Take your final photos in the same clothing as your beginning photos.
If your clothing is so large it is falling off of you, please take two sets of photos – one in the beginning clothing and a second set in more fitted clothes. Please make a note in the ending comments section of the form that you have a second set of photos. Jennifer will have you email the extra photos directly to her so that Teresa has all the photos because the form will not allow you to submit 2 sets of final photos. It is just more visual and effective this way.

Make sure all photos are high resolution (at least 300 dpi).
If we ever need your photos for additional publicity, the higher the resolution we have, the better the photo.



A final “essay” about your experience during the Challenge must be submitted with your final entry by Monday, April 17th, 2017. This would include any changes in your body that you noticed, any health improvements you made and why you would like to be the winner.  There is no set length that you have to have on the essay. It can be as short or long as you like.


Confirmation of your entry.

You will see “SUCCESS” on the top of the form page when your information goes through. If you don’t see “Success”, then your entry did not go through. You will receive a confirmation from Jennifer once she has verified that everything in your entry is correctly submitted. If you have not heard from Jennifer by 7 days after the ending of submission time, please email her at You will not be penalized if your information did not come through and will, at that time, be asked to resubmit your information.

You can participate in an online T-Tapp class, attend a T-Tapp clinic/class, do a one-on-one with a T-Tapp Trainer and even work out with Teresa Tapp during the course of this challenge.

Just note that you did so in your final essay so that we know. Our intention with this challenge is not to keep you from having the opportunity of working out with Teresa and/or a T-Tapp Trainer.